bell Upgrade

Welcome to the My Class Reunion Program upgrade page. You can download the most recent upgrade or version of My Class reunion.exe

The size of the full version of My Class Reunion.exe is approximately 40 Mb whereas upgrades will generally be about 2 Mb. Therefore, download time will be a factor for some users.

If you choose the full verison and un-install the previous version, you wil need to re-enter the product key. You received the product key (clre.key) shortly after you purchased My Class Reunion.exe. Do not un-install the previous version when using the upgrade.

All new installs require the full setup. Click 'Free Trial' at the bottom of this page. When install is complete run your key to make all features available.

Always backup up your data before installing an upgrade.

Click to download: Upgrade v2.2.5950 for 32 bit Operating Systems.

Click to download Upgrade (x64) for 64 bit Operating Systems.