• Mac users can use My Class Reunion.exe by installingĀ a VPC (virtual PC). There are many choices so use your search engine for a subject like 'Mac to PC VPC'.

  • A VPC is a separate partition and the only common element isĀ the host Mac Operating system (OS). The two partitions share nothing. Therefore, in order to use any of the reporting functions a printer must be installed on the VPC partition just as it was installed on the Mac OS. An additional item is Adobe Acrobat reader. Go to and download the latest version of the free reader.

  • Each report can print to multiple formats including pdf, word doc, RTF (rich text format), text files and html. The files can then be sent via eMail. However, in order to print the file from the VPC partition, install your printer in the partition.

bell64 bit OS

64 bit Operating Systems has presented a challenge to some 32 bit programs, including My Class Reunion.exe.
  • If you have OS 7 Enterprise, Professional or Ultimate you can install Microsoft's XP Mode. Click here to go to Microsoft's page. Once installed, My Class Reunion.exe can be installed and all features are available.

  • Another solution is to download the My Class Reunion.exe version for 64 bit machines. All reports are available but Name Tags will not have pictures. Information on availability will be posted here.

  • A virtual machine (VM) can also be downloaded and installed on your OS. Download one of the free Virtual Machine software packages such as

If you have any questions about either VPC's or the OS, please let me know.